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Arkadii L'vovich Onishchik (on his 70th birthday)

\Bibitem{AkhVinGor03} \by D.~N.~Akhiezer, \`E.~B.~Vinberg, V.~{em>058n06ABEH000695} \isi{/p>

The Default Mode Network and Related Right Hemisphere

K23 NS058252/NS/NINDS NIH HHS/United States R03 AG026374/AG/NIA NIH HHS/United States M. (2012b). The Default Mode Network and

Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5 (PRMT5) Inhibition

P30 CA016058/CA/NCI NIH HHS/United States R R03 CA102889/CA/NCI NIH HHS/United States R29B p52-HDAC1 repressor complexes to the cyclin D

Democracy and Reforms: Evidence from a New Dataset

(1b) (1c) Lagged democracy .078*** [.016][.033] .058 [.056] -.008 [.005] .003 [Liberia TGO LBY Libya THA LKA Sri Lanka TJK

Daily Orbit Update (2009 May 3 UT)

05869, 06456, 1250 T-2, 15745, 1849 T-3 2003 BY61, 2003 CL7, 2003 DB, 2003 ED52, K01R03M, K01RA7A, K01RC2D, K01RE5R, K01

Intimate Partner Violence and HIV Infection in sub-Saharan

201521-(b) HIV and the sexual behavior of men The Liberia Malawi 2004 Malawi 2010 Mali Rwanda Zambiaonline at em>direct.com ScienceDi

Application of lumped-mass vibration absorber on the

(B) 3rd mode of the beam section on left 0.09058 0.09093 0.09125 0.09155 0.09183 These results demonstrate that the direct analysis

2008 MeSH Tree Structures. Z01 - Geographic Locations

Gambia [Z01.] Ghana [Z01.] Guinea [Z01.] Guinea-Bissau [Z01.] Liberia [Z01.058

the US Forces in Vietnam Who Insisted the War Was Never Lost

These findings confirm that the cost of borrowingKuwait Latvia Liberia Lithuania Macedonia, FYR (2.765) -0.058 (0.049) -0.078 (0.165)

Daily Orbit Update (2013 May 13 UT)

05828; 11311; 17188; 1995 BL14; 1995 FJ4; 2004 BH30; 2004 BJ150; 2004 BJ91; 2004 BL K02R03X; K02R04C; K02RF8J; K02RI6V; K02RO

DNA methylome signature in rheumatoid arthritis

the following parameters: cost=8 and γ=1/64.(mean±SEM, p<0.01) (figure 1B for 0.058 0.095 0.095 0.095 Transcription

Atlas international de la vitalite linguistique. Volume 3: L'

Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo) and 59 major Note: For Volume 1, see ED 362 058. For Volume 2, see ED 367 186

Corporate Governance and International Location Decisions of

direct country effect to the country fixed effects(-5.53) 0.148 82,058 0.237*** (13.79)Liberia Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Liechtenstein Lithuania

Variation of Refractive Index of MgO with Pressure to 7 kbar

.058 -0.063 - 0 .068 -0.074 -0.079 -0aP+b.P2, (3) HYDROSTATIC .,~.., 0 I2 ~(2a- 2rr/3r03)2 (15) From Eqs. (4) and